Student Vote

As some of you probably know, many school districts in the U.S. give students in grades 4-12 the opportunity to take part in a political election of their own called the “Student Vote”. This gives them the opportunity to cast their own votes in upcoming elections. This definitely sounds like a good idea that could give kids a chance to voice their opinions, but many kids don’t really know anything about the election other than what they’ve heard on television. Kids are being asked to chose between people they don’t know for positions they don’t know about. From my experience, most kids just take a wild guess or vote for who they hear their parents talking about. These kids aren’t given any information on the candidates before the vote other than a small pamphlet to tell them what political parties they are in. This could teach kids that they don’t have to know much about the people they are voting for, and it also means that the results of the Student Vote are almost meaningless. I’m not saying that we should completely terminate the Student Vote, I’m just suggesting that we teach the students about the candidates and their views before we have them vote.


A Cinquain Collection

A Cinquain Collection

By Gillian K.



Delicate, Fragile

Falling, Spinning, Twirling

Dancing in the wind.




Soar Above

Free, Graceful, Waiting

For the Day They




Stillness Surrounds

Nothing There To Be Heard

Waiting For a Day There Isn’t



A Guide to Fonts

FontpicA– The only thing that this says is that you probably couldn’t find a better font. Good for long, boring things that you want to seem long and boring.

FontpicB-You probably don’t know what Dot Matrix printers are, or how terrible they were. Good as a PowerPoint title, but do not use it to write paragraphs.

FontpicC-This font gets more hate than it deserves. Although it is WAY overused, it has its purposes. I suggest you try to avoid using Comic Sans just because nobody seems to like it anymore.

FontpicD– I hope you’re not writing an essay. This is a cute font that I wouldn’t use for anything serious, but maybe a poem would be great in this.

FontpicE-Please don’t use this. EVER

FontpicF—I’m not sure when you would ever use this one. Not very good for any serious publications, but it could have its uses.

FontpicG -Another handwriting font. I wonder how long it’ll take people to realize that there are about ten other fonts that look almost the same as this.

FontpicH– Although this is a personal favorite of mine, I find it hard to use this for any practical purposes.

FontpicI– You’re probably writing a love poem. If not, you need to rethink your life decisions.

FontpicJ– For your sake I really hope you only use this for Halloween-related titles, nothing long.

FontpicK– If you enlarge this font to about size 48, you can see that it actually looks really interesting, but that means that it has hardly any use other than the occasional title.

FontpicL– I would not recommend writing anything that isn’t supposed to be borderline creepy in this font.

FontpicM– I actually like using this font. It isn’t too complicated but it also isn’t very attention grabbing.

FontpicN– Now, I have sort of a disclaimer. Unless your publication is actually about aliens than this has almost no use to you. But I have to say, If you can find a place where it fits, it looks really cool.

FontpicO– This may not be the best font to write anything you want to look long in because it’s so condensed, but if you are trying to fit a something that’s long into a smaller space, this is the font for you.

FontpicP-Don’t get me wrong, Papyrus is awesome, but it doesn’t have much of a use other than poems. When you are using I however, make sure that it fits the thing that you are writing. A misused font can give people a negatve view of your piece before even reading it.

FontpicQ– No matter how much I tell myself to use this, I can never find a good place to. So, despite how cool it looks, you might be out of luck with this one.

FontpicR-This font is nothing too special, which sounds bad but can be a good thing. You can use it for essays, poems, articles, or whatever else pops into your head.

FontpicS-Let’s hope, for your sake, that your writing a cursive worksheet for elementary students.

FontpicT– If you’re using Times New Roman, you’re probably writing an essay for school. Good luck, you’ll need it.

FontpicU– What would you think if you read something in this font? You have no idea? Good, me neither.

FontpicV– This is the type of font that you think you’re going to use but end up ignoring. It’ s like your grandma’s old things that you keep in a box in the basement.

FontpicW– This is great for poetry, right up until you realize that there are many other fonts that look almost the same.

FontpicX– It’s a pretty cute font, if you overlook the completely random name.

FontpicY– The only purpose for this that I can think of would be for the title of an article about Yahoo.

FpntpicZ– Despite how great this looks, the greatness is somewhat taken away by the fact that it is almost impossible to read.

Will the Earth Survive?

umm whatQ:Please explain what global warming is in one sentence.

A1:Build up of carbon dioxide is causing the Earth to heat up.

A2:It is when people pollute greenhouse gases and it causes the Earth to heat up.

A3:Global warming is caused by things like pollution and fossil fuels and heats up the earth.

Q:Do you think it is really happening? If not, who’s making it up?

A1:I think that it is a real problem and people need to realize it.

A2: Yes, it is a problem.

A3: Yes.

Q:What will be the effects of global warming on the environment?

A1:The Ice caps will melt and water levels will rise,and the air around us will become polluted.

A2:Possible droughts and more natural disasters.

A3:It could eventually start to be hard to grow crops.

Q:How will that negatively affect humans and other life on Earth?

A1:People will not be able to grow crops as well in certain areas, and food will be harder to produce. Animals will not be able to live in a polluted environment( this has really started to make me think of The Lorax by Dr. Seuss).

A2:People and animals could die of starvation because plants aren’t growing.

A3:It could hurt crops and animals.

Q:Do you think it’s fixable? What should we do to stop it?

A1:I think that if more people accept that there is a problem we will be able to fix it. We need to stop consuming and start to make producing more important if we are going to save this planet.

A2:Yes, stop using oil and coal as much an start using more environmentally friendly substances.

A3:It kind of is fixable if we stop polluting.